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A user’s Desktop OS machine with Personal vDisk (PvD) is unresponsive. The user needs to access applications installed on the PvD urgently, due to an important deadline.
How could a Citrix Administrator resolve this issue?

A.    Use Citrix Director to reset the PvD.
B.    Use Citrix Studio to restore the user’s initial settings.
C.    Run the ctxpvd.exe command on the user’s system.
D.    Run a PowerShell cmdlet to restore the user’s PvD to a new virtual machine.

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Provisioning Services has been installed to facilitate the deployment of server OS and desktop OS machines. Currently, a pool of Windows 8 desktop OS machines is being used by the Imaging and Radiology team. A virtual machine OU named CCH Virtual Desktops has been created. However, users on the Imaging and Radiology team need to use their medical imaging applications that CANNOT be installed on their workstations due to insufficient resources.

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A Citrix Administrator must modify the store configuration on a StoreFront server to provide users with access to desktop OS machines and server OS hosted applications.
A Delivery Controller named Controller-1 needs to be added to the existing site.
Controller- 1 will serve as the Secure Ticket Authority.
The administrator has been instructed to ensure communication with the Delivery Controllers takes place over port 8080.

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Scenario: For security reasons, the NSIP needs to be configured to only be accessible on interface 0/1, which is VLAN 300.
The NSIP address is and the subnet mask is
How would the network engineer achieve this configuration?

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An administrator needs to install a certificate from the NetScaler onto a Microsoft Windows IIS server.
Which action should the administrator complete before the certificate can be imported on the IIS server?

A.    Select Export PKCS#12 and copy the file to Windows.
B.    Copy the certificate file from /nsconfig/ssl to Windows.
C.    Copy the certificate file and the key file from /nsconfig/ssl to Windows.
D.    Manage Certificates / Keys / CSRs and download the certificate file to Windows.

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2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass Citrix 1Y0-A20 Exam Questions (71-80)

Scenario: an administrator is notified that a single XenApp server has an issue with starting the IMA Service. A quick check of all dependent services shows there are NO issues. When the administrator checks the MF20.dsn file using Notepad, the file is unreadable and contains miscellaneous junk.
In order to quickly resolve this issue, the administrator should copy the _________.  (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    contents only of a working server’s IMA folder
B.    folder and contents from a working server’s IMA folder
C.    MF20.dsn file from another server and reinstall XenApp 6.5
D.    MF20.dsn file from another server, renaming the hostname of the XenApp Server

Answer: D

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2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass Citrix 1Y0-A20 Exam Questions (61-70)

Scenario: An administrator has published Mircosoft Word on two identical servers in a server farm. There are 75 users in the envirornment, and each server must be allowed to accept all 75 users session for failover purposes. All users start work at 09:00 in the morning. The administrator wants to prevent server failure due to excessive connection attempts during this logon time.
Which option will meet the needs of this scenario?

A.    Load balancing policy
B.    Defailt load evaluator
C.    Server session policy
D.    Advanced load evaluator

Answer: B

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2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass Citrix 1Y0-A20 Exam Questions (41-50)

Scenario: A XenApp administrator must recommend a database option for the new XenApp 6.5 data store. The new farm will have more than 100 XenApp servers and 500 published resources, support more than 5,000 concurrent users and have two zones separated by a WAN connection.
Which two database options should be administrator recommend? (Choose two.)

A.    IBM DB2 9.7
B.    Oracle Enterprise 1.1
C.    Microsoft SQL Server 2008
D.    Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008

Answer: BC

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