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Which statement is true about an ADF Business Components list of values? (Choose the best answer.)

A.    ft is always shown as a drop-down box in the user interface.
B.    it can be derived only from a non-updatable view object. –
C.    it can show only one attribute in the selection list .
D.    it cannot have a blank item as an option.
E.    it can be represented as a radio group on an ADF Faces page

Answer: A

View the Exhibit. What does the SetCurrentRowWithKey activity do for this task flow? (Choose the best answer.)

A.    calls a method
B.    calls the updateCustomer page
C.    determines whether the user is navigated to the updateCustomer or callEmployeeTF activity
D.    displays a pop-up that allows the user to enter a value for the current row

Answer: B

Consider the JSF managed bean code to execute a function in ADF Business Components via an af:button actionListener on a page:
public void doSomethinq(ActionEvent event) {
BindingContainer bindings = BindingContext getCurrent() getCurrentBindingsEntry(); OperationMethod method = bindings.getOperationBinding
Map paramsMap = method. getParamsMap();
paramsMap put CsomeParameter”,”someValue”);
Which three options must be implemented for this code to work? (Choose three.)

A.    For the page definition file this code is called from, it must have a <methodAction> binding mapped to the ADF BC data control application module function
B.    For the page definition file this code is called from, it must have a <parameter> binding mapped to the parameters of the ADF BC data control application module function.
C.    An appModuleMethod function must exist in the ADF BC application module to call from the <methodAction> binding.
D.    An appModuleMethod function must be exposed through the client interface editor of the ADF BC application module.

Answer: ABC

Which statement is true about creating a method at the application module level? (Choose the best answer.)

A.    You cannot create methods at the application module level.
B.    Application module methods provide an interface for the view layer to call custom business logic that may work across multiple data views.
C.    Application module methods are best suited to writing validation logic for entity objects.
D.    Methods in an application module allow you to manipulate Ul components in the ViewController project
E.    Because ADF provides no way at run time to automatically create or delete view object records, you must create application module methods to do this.

Answer: B

Which code sample is the recommended way to override the createQ method in Employeeslmpl, an implementation of oracle.jbo.serverEntitylrnpl for the Employr

A.    protected void create(AttributeList attributeList) { SetAttributelnternal (SALARY, 0); super.create(attributeList); }
B.    protected void create(AttributeList attributeList) { super create(attnbuteList), setAttributelntemalC’SALARY”, 0);]
C.    protected void create(AttributeList attributeList) { super create(attributeList); setSalary(O); }
D.    protected void create(Attributel_ist attributeList) { setSalary(O);}

Answer: B

Which statement is false? (Choose the best answer)

A.    A panelDashboard has the same rowHeight (or all the rows
B.    AFStretchWidth in the style class of a panelGroupLayout causes it to fi II the page horizontally
C.    panelGroupLayout cannot have a vertical scroll bar
D.    panelBox stretches if placed inside a panelStretchLayout center facet

Answer: C

View the Exhibit. Which option represents the steps to add a relationship between OrdVO and ItemVO and create a master-detail hierarchy for the same in the data model? (Choose the best answer.)

A.    Select View Link from the Components window and draw a line on the diagram from ItemVO to OrdVO.
Use the Application Module Editor to define the data model for the hierarchy.
B.    Create a view link with OrdVO as the source and ItemVO as the destination and define the linked attributes.
Use the Application Module Editor to define the data model for the hierarchy.
C.    Create a view link with ItemVO as the source and OrdVO as the destination and define the linked attributes.
Use the Application Module Editor to nest the OrdVO instance beneath the ItemVO instance.
D.    Select Association from the Components window and draw a line on the diagram from OrdEO to ItemEO diagram and select Generate View Link

Answer: B

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