2014 Latest Pass4sure&Lead2pass Citrix 1Y0-A20 Exam Questions (1-10)

Scenario: A company has recently purchased 100 XenApp licenses to deploy a new XenApp farm that will provide the Microsoft Office Suite for remote users. The administrator configures Health Monitoring and Recovery options to ensure that alerts are submitted when the IMA Service is NOT working as expected.
The test queries the service to ensure that the IMA Service is working by ___________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    enumerating the applications available on the server
B.    executing all of the applications available on the server
C.    launching at least one of the applications available on the server
D.    enumerating the current active sessions available on the server

Answer: A

Scenario: A server farm has three policies applied using the Client IP address and User filters.
– Policy A (priority 1) prevents client IP addresses in the 208.29.80.* range from accessing client, optical and removable drives. No other settings are configured.
– Policy B (priority 2) allows client IP addresses in the 208.29.80.* range to access network drives. All other settins are disabled.
– Policy C (priority 3) allows all domain users to access client, optical and removable drives. No other settings are configured.
Which drives will be available to a domain user accessing the server farm from a client using the IP address?

A.    No drives
B.    Network drivers
C.    Client, optical and removable drives
D.    Network, client and removable drives
E.    Network, client, optical and removable drives

Answer: B

Which policy must the administrator configure to enable the XPS data type with the universal printing system?

A.    Universal printing
B.    Universal driver preference
C.    Universal printing optimization defaults
D.    Universal printing EMF processing mode

Answer: B

Scenario: Ad aministrator recently configured Session Reliablility on a XenApp server which delivers one published application to 20 users on the local network. After configuration Session Reliablity, the administrator ran Microsoft TCPView to monitor a service that Session Reliability uses. The administrator notice that users are connecting to the published application on port 443 but NOT on the default Session Reliability port. The administrator verified that Session Reliabilility is configured and working.
Which two reasons explain why the users are connecting to the published application on port 443? (Choose two.)

A.    SSL/TLS is enabled in the published applicatios’s properties.
B.    Data encryption has been enabled using the SSL Relay Configuration tool.
C.    A policy is enabled to encrypt the session data between the server and user devices.
D.    The published application is configured to allow connections made through Access Gateway
Advanced Edition.

Answer: AB

Scenario: A XenApp farm consists of 10 XenApp servers divided into two workers groups with five servers in each. Workers Group 1 hosts applications for the Sales group and Worker Group 2 hosts applications for the Marketing group. A new application is introduced only to the Sales department. The application is installed on all servers.
How should the administrator cofigure the Users tab so that only the Sales group has access?

A.    Publish the application to Worker Group 1.
B.    Publish the application to Worker Group 2.
C.    Publish the application only to the Sales group.
D.    Publish the application only to the Marketing group.

Answer: C

Scenario: Three Web Interface sites are configured on different server in a farm. The administrator wants to ensure that users are always able to access their applications through the Citrix Receiver.
How can the administrator configure the Web Interface sites to meet this requirement?

A.    Enable site redirection for the sites.
B.    Configure backup URLs for the sites.
C.    Configure the direct access method for the sites.
D.    Configure the ‘bypass and failed server for’ setting for the sites.

Answer: B

Scenario: An administrator is setting up a XenApp farm. There are 15 to 25 users in the farm. To ensure high availability, two servers will be installed. The administrator is deciding on the best placement for the Web Interface server. Remote access is NOT going to be considered at this time.
The administrator should install the Web Interface ______________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    on both servers
B.    on one of the two servers
C.    and XenApp on both servers
D.    and XenApp on one of the servers

Answer: C

Scenario: Users are receiving the error shown in the attached exhibit when connecting to Notepad on XenApp.
The administrator runs the QUERY FARM command on the server and receives the result shown in the second attached exhibit.
Which three events could the server load value of 10,000 indicate? (Choose three.)


A.    The server is offline.
B.    The server CANNOT contact the Citrix license server.
C.    The server has reached its limit of 10,000 running processes.
D.    A server load evaluator applied by policy indicates the server is at full load.
E.    The particular server has a problem reading performace counter information.
F.    The administrator has assigned an invalid load evaluator to the server using a policy.

Answer: DEF

Scenario: Remote users connect to XenApp published applications using SSL VPN connections provided by an Access Gateway. These users are reporting that it takes more than one minute to authenticate their Active Directory credentials before displaying the list of applications. The most recent change in the enviornment was a set of Windows 2003 domain controllers that were retired from production since the company has already implemented new Windows 2008 domain controllers.
How can the administrator change the configuration of the secure access to allow faster authentication?

A.    Disable the option on the Access Gateway that processes authentication with a pre-set dealy to
maximize security.
B.    Modify the time synchronization option of the Access Gateway synchronization to work with the new
Windows 2008 domain controllers.
C.    Obtain new licenses since the Access Gateway is NOT licensed properly, and it takes one minute to
generate user license.
D.    Reconfigure the Access Gateway to user the new Window 2008 domain controllers instead of using
the retired Windows 2003 domain controllers as the primay and seconday DNS servers.

Answer: D

Scenario: A Citrix administrator is migrating the servers in his farm from XenApp 5 on Windows Server 2003 with HRP3 to XenApp 6.5 for Windows Server 2008 R2. In the XenApp farm, a Zone Preference and Failover policy was used.
Which policy should the administrator use to replace the Zone Preference and Failover policy?

A.    Citrix User
B.    Load Evaluator
C.    Load Balancing
D.    Citirix Computer

Answer: C

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