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Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)


A.    The voice class is configured with the priority 128 command.
B.    The voice class is configured with the bandwidth 128 command.
C.    The gold class is configured with the priority 100 command.
D.    The gold class is configured with the bandwidth 100 command.
E.    The class-default class is configured with the fair-queue command.
F.    The voice class is configured with the police 128 command.

Answer: AD

Which three match statements are valid in Cisco IOS XR Software? (Choose three.)

A.    match field
B.    match mpls experimental topmost
C.    match vpls
D.    match flow
E.    match qos-group
F.    match port-type

Answer: BCE

Refer to the exhibit. Which queueing method has been configured?


A.    LLQ
C.    WFQ
D.    MDRR
E.    priority queueing

Answer: B

A service provider will apply this policy at which of these interfaces?
interface Gi1/1
service-policy output SP-POLICY
policy-map SP-POLICY
police rate percent 20 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop
bandwidth percent 50
queue-limit 800 ms
random-detect exp 3 280 ms 490 ms
class class-default
queue-limit 500 ms
random-detect exp 1 200 ms 350 ms
random-detect exp 0 100 ms 200 ms
class-map match-any TRAFFIC-CLASS-1
match dscp ipv4 45 ef cs6
match mpls experimental topmost 5 6
class-map match-any TRAFFIC-CLASS-2
match dscp ipv4 cs2 af21 af23 af31 af32 af33 35 37
match mpls experimental topmost 3

A.    CE interface toward PE
B.    PE interface toward CE
C.    PE interface toward P
D.    P interface toward PE

Answer: C

You work for service provider that employs a four-class service provider QoS model (best effort, bronze, silver, gold). A customer recently reported an issue with high drop rate on a mission- critical database application in the silver class. The silver class is currently at capacity. The gold class is currently only used for voice and video conferencing, and has available bandwidth. The application was remapped to the gold class. Which statements are valid alternative options to this decision? (Choose two.)

A.    Moving to a three-class QoS model would allow for more bandwidth per class and would reduce the
support of maintaining multiple classes.
B.    The provider should consider moving to a six-class QoS model to provide more available classes
of service to differentiate traffic.
C.    In addition to the remapping, the provider would have to change the queue model from WFQ to
priority queued.
D.    Additional bandwidth should have been added to the silver class from one of the lower classes
before the traffic class was moved.

Answer: BD

Refer to the exhibit. The QoS profile was recently updated to mark VoIP traffic with a DSCP setting of AF41. However, the traffic going to the phones in the address space is not being marked properly.
What is causing this problem?

A.    The traffic policy is not written correctly, which causes the wrong marking to be applied.
B.    The VoIP classification should be configured before any other classifications, because it is the highest priority.
C.    The access list does not properly identify SIP traffic.
D.    Class typeA markings appear first in the policy map, which causes this marking to be applied.

Answer: A

Which three items are important when monitoring service quality in the SP network? (Choose three.)

A.    The typical cause of QoS issues is intermittent failure of network devices and these are inherently
difficult to detect.
B.    QoS issues can be difficult to detect when there is not enough traffic to trigger the configured QoS policy.
C.    Establishing alarm thresholds for QoS problems can be complicated.
D.    QoS support differs from device to device, depending on underlying hardware platforms and software.
E.    Collection of data to detect QoS issues is slow and labor-intensive.
F.    Troubleshooting class map configurations is complex and frequently required.

Answer: BCD

Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)


A.    No traffic can be matched to the REALTIME traffic class.
B.    No traffic can be matched to the VoIP traffic class.
C.    No traffic can be matched to the BULK-DATA traffic class.
D.    AF11 or AF12 or AF13 marked packets will be matched to the BULK-DATA traffic class.
E.    The BULK-DATA traffic class is missing the match-any option in the class-map command.

Answer: AD

What are two benefits of the DiffServ model? (Choose two.)

A.    Its class-based mechanisms are simple and scale well.
B.    It provides absolute guarantees of service quality.
C.    Service quality can be tailored to the needs of many different types of traffic.
D.    It does not require setting up an end-to-end signaling mechanism.

Answer: CD

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is correct?


A.    This policy map is applied to the FastEthernet0/0 interface in the input direction.
B.    No traffic matched the SP-REALTIME class.
C.    A total of 133836 packets have been transmitted out of the FastEthernet0/0 interface.
D.    Packets marked with both DSCP EF and MPLS EXP 5 markings will not be classified into the
SP-REALTIME traffic class.
E.    The FastEthernet0/0 interface is using CBWFQ egress queueing.

Answer: C

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